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Mark Martin Dairy Sheep

This is a great place to work and live with our six children. After raising pigs for 15 years, we decided to start milking sheep in 2012, and haven’t stopped since. There is a big demand for sheep’s milk. Our East Friesian flock came from Alberta and included an East Friesian/Lacaune ram with 50/50 genetics. Two East Friesian rams with genetics from Ontario and Quebec, were added to ensure a healthy gene pool. A Lacaune ram was added in 2017. Crossing these 2 breeds results in healthy, stockier lambs, and ewes with great udders. Artificial insemination with new Lacaune strains from France has been done since November 2017. This is great news for Canadian dairy sheep flocks. Rams from ewes with the best milk production, udder conformation, teat placement, legs and feet are kept for breeding purposes.

Mark Martin Dairy Sheep Farm has achieved an “A” status rating in the Ontario Sheep Health Maedi Visna Program. Contact us for more information.

Breeding Stock Available

Our flock has attained the “A” status on the Maedi Visna Program

Average of 1.8 lambs per ewe.

We milk year round and have a flock average of 1.8L/sheep/day

We have a low lamb mortality rate

We breed for better udder conformation and milk production

Rams are genotyped for Maedi Visna and Scrapie resistance.

Our Sheep

Our Sheep are housed indoors in a clean environment, protected from pretadors and parasites. A roof over their heads and straw bedding keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Fresh water and consitent feed is always available.

Our Farm
Our Farm

Our Land

We grow the feed on our family farm where we take good care of the soil. Environmentally, we have been proactive since we started farming. Hundreds of trees were planted, no-till and minimum-till, cover crops, rotating crops, applying manure + fertilizer are farming practices that have helped us attain optimal soil health. 

No on-farm slaughter or live animals sold for meat.

Contact Us

Mark Martin Dairy Sheep

7015 Side Rd 18
Drayton, ON, N0G 1PO

Mailing Address: 7015 Side Rd 18, Drayton, ON N0G 1PO

P: 519-638-3644


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